Paramedic, patient dead after dump truck t-boned ambulance

An ambulance transporting a 17-year-old patient was hit by a dump truck on Tuesday morning, killing the attending paramedic and patient

Duty Death: Troy Edward Boettcher - [Warba, Minnesota]

End of Service: 06/08/2021

By Rachel Engel 

ITASCA COUNTY, Minn. — Two people were killed when a dump truck crashed into an ambulance on Tuesday morning, and two other people suffered life-threatening injuries.  

Paramedic Troy Edward Boettcher, 51, and Joseph Michel Latimer, 17, were killed in the crash, Duluth News Tribune reported. Kimberly Fay Hake, who was driving the ambulance, was transported to the hospital, along with the driver of the dump truck, Jeffrey Elvin Ekholm.  

The incident occurred at the same intersection where Sarah Grell, a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officer, was killed in a crash on May 24. 

This story has been updated with correct information. The original posting incorrectly stated that Paramedic Troy Boettcher was an EMT.

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