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Former Wis. paramedic acquitted of sexual assault alleged during ambulance ride

Timothy E. Ovadal, 39, of Madison, wiped away tears as the verdicts came in


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By Leila Merrill

MADISON, Wis. — A jury acquitted a former private ambulance paramedic of two counts of sexual assault Wednesday, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Timothy E. Ovadal, 39, of Madison, was found not guilty of second-degree sexual assault and fourth-degree sexual assault. Ovadal wiped away tears while the verdicts were read.

A Janesville woman accused him of exposing himself, improperly touching one of her breasts and putting his mouth on it, and saying he would call her later for sex on May 8, 2019. She said he also removed EKG patches, which made her uncomfortable. The woman testified that she had been intoxicated, which led to the fall that put her in the hospital, but that she clearly recalled being harmed while strapped to a gurney.

During closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney Tracy McMiller said that the analysis of a swab from the breast taken by an evidence technician concluded that DNA found there was 90 to 95% Ovadal’s and the woman’s DNA alone accounted for the rest.

His attorney said that the DNA could be explained by the fact that Ovadal had not been wearing protective gloves.