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Brooklyn ambulance service owner pleads guilty in tax scam

Steven J. Kwestel withheld over $1.3 million in taxes from employees, without paying the IRS

By Kerri Hatt

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A New York ambulance service business owner pled guilty on July 20 to failure to pay employment taxes.

According to court documents and admissions, Steven J. Kwestel withheld employment taxes from his employees’ pay, but did not pay the IRS $1,302,841 in taxes owed. Kwestel owns and operates Courtesy Transportation Inc., an ambulance service based in Brooklyn.

Kwestel allegedly withheld employment taxes from 2013-2019, and used the corporate funds to make hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal expenditures.

Kwestel has agreed to pay back over $1.2 million as part of his plea agreement. He is scheduled to be sentenced on October 20 and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison.