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NJ medic and cop go above and beyond for patient’s family

After assisting with patient care they repaired the bike of the patient’s granddaughter


The EMS Week 2015 theme is EMS STRONG. From getting ROSC on a child to belting out the “Frozen” theme song on the way to the hospital, we wanted to know how kids have inspired you to be EMS STRONG. See the finalists and winners of our 2015 essay contest, where readers describe how a pediatric response made them feel like a superhero.

Wall, N.J. — MONOC paramedic and Neptune police officer go above and beyond to assist a patient’s granddaughter with a much-needed bike safety repair.

Paramedic Michael Magnetti, after assisting another EMS unit at the scene of a 911 call in Neptune, N.J., saw the 6-year-old granddaughter of the patient that he was just attending to riding toward him on her bicycle. As she rode towards him the brake cable suddenly came off.

Magnetti approached the little girl and asked if he could help fix her bicycle, but she said that it didn’t matter since her bike was broken. Magnetti took a closer look at the bicycle and soon got to work with Neptune Police Officer Aaron Lay, who was also still on scene. Within a few minutes the brake cable was fixed, tested and the little girl was happily on her way.

“We don’t just answer EMS calls, we also interact with the public on many levels … as neighbors, friends and volunteers,” said MONOC’s Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President Jeff Behm. “Every day our paramedics and EMTs give unselfishly of themselves to improve health care in the community.”

MONOC has served Neptune Township and many other communities from throughout N.J. for over 30 years and is an integral part of the community. MONOC employs over 700 employees and operates a fleet of over 100 ambulances.

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