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NJ EMT dies months after brutal beating

Jerry Wolkowitz, 56, spent months in a long-term care facility after being attacked by Jamil Hubbard

FREEHOLD, N.J. — An EMT died months after being brutally attacked earlier this year. reported that Freehold First Aid Squad EMT Jerry Wolkowitz, 56, died Thursday after spending months in a long-term care facility for injuries he suffered when Jamil Hubbard brutally attacked him, according to police.

Police said Hubbard approached Wolkowitz from behind, punched him in the head, dragged him in the parking lot and then ran him over with his vehicle. Hubbard then stole Wolkowitz’ car and left his own behind.

The two did not know each other, and officials said the attack was racially charged.

“The investigation determined that the defendant targeted the victim because of his race,” Monmouth County prosecutor’s spokesperson Christopher Swendeman said.

Hubbard was arrested the day of the attack and charged with first-degree attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and bias intimidation.

The Associated Press reported that Wolkowitz was the son of Holocaust survivors. He also worked as a photographer, with work often appearing in the newspaper Asbury Park Press.

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