Calif. medic intern to be featured on Disney+ series

In the middle of his paramedic internship, Anthony Dominguez was selected to be part of a throwback concept show for the streaming app

By Rachel Engel

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A paramedic intern paused his studies for four days to film a show for the new Disney+ streaming app.

Anthony Dominguez was selected to participate in “Encore,” a show about reuniting former high school drama students to reprise their teenage roles with the assistance and direction of Broadway experts, 23ABC News reported.

He will be performing “Ragtime” with his former classmates.

“Having to learn everything in four days was definitely one of the hardest aspects of putting on this performance again,” Dominguez said. “Not only was I in the middle of my paramedic internship learning Kern County protocols, learning drug dosages, learning everything and making sure I’m fine-tuning that aspect, but then I’m thrown into this production.”

The “Encore” episode starting Dominguez will air Jan. 24 on Disney+.

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