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It’s critical for emergency service teams that they have the right equipment to hand. But that’s not always the case as valuable kit can be left at a scene, stolen, misplaced, or forgotten. Paper-based processes for managing inventory aren’t helping. They slow teams up and make it harder to keep track of where everything is. But in our digital, Internet of Things world, there’s no need for it to be this way. Introducing Asset Intelligence from ACETECH. Asset Intelligence uses the very latest in RFID technology to create connected vehicles and depots that keep a continuous eye on your valuable assets. The system monitors ID tags placed on your assets. It shows live where they are now and tracks where they’ve been….with all data presented on a simple, easy-to-use cloud dashboard. Teams are alerted in real time if they leave base without important kit or depart a scene with something missing. Asset Intelligence also keeps an eye on equipment health. It reminds you when maintenance is needed to ensure seamless compliance with legislation. With Asset Intelligence creating intelligent depots and vehicles you’ll cut costs by improving efficiencies and reducing loss and theft. But much more than this, you’ll embed safety into operations. To ensure your teams always have the required equipment with them - to better protect themselves on their missions and ultimately, better protect those they’re helping too.