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Emergency Vehicle Driver Trainees Approve of EVOC-101 Web

Murray, UT, Survey results of over 4,000 EVOC-101 Web™ trainees show wide-acceptance of the proven online driver training program for police and emergency vehicle operators. The course, developed by Applied Simulation Technologies, Inc. (AST), presents the techniques, concepts and procedural knowledge necessary to drive safely in emergency response situations.

Regardless of rookie or veteran status, EVOC-101 Web™ received a 90% overall satisfaction rating and 88% of trainees felt their knowledge and skills increased as a result of the program. In addition, 93% said they would use what they learned in their work while 81% would recommend the program to a colleague. Trainees report that favorite program features include media (video, animation and narration), informative and challenging instruction, and the convenient hands-on and self-paced nature of the program.

“The results of this survey confirm that EVOC-101 Web’s design successfully accomplished one of the most difficult challenges of online training; that is the ability to appeal to emergency vehicle drivers whether they have no to many years of experience.” said Reginald Welles, AST’s President and CEO. “The fact that users feel they can take what they have learned and use it on the job reinforces that we have correctly identified the perishable subject matter in a format that offers immediate value.”

AST will be providing demonstrations of EVOC-101 Web™ April 17-18 at the 2012 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference. Interested parties may stop by space 103 of the expo hall at the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL.

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AST develops online, simulator-based, and custom driver training solutions for police, emergency response, commercial truck, fleet, and teen drivers. AST combines extensive experience in instructional and simulator systems design with knowledgeable subject matter experts to create training solutions that have been proven to train safer drivers and reduce accidents. Further information may be obtained at AST’s website: