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State partnership drives Handtevy adoption in Indiana

The EMS Division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Handtevy launch a initiative to enhance ALS across 70 organizations

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Handtevy - Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.


INDIANAPOLIS — The EMS Division of Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Handtevy - Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc., proudly announces a strategic initiative to enhance emergency medical services across Indiana. The initiative offers supportive funding to EMS agencies allowing the adoption of the Handtevy Mobile Medication Dosing and Protocol Management System. This significant move, supported by both the Indiana Department of Health and the state’s EMSC program, is designed to improve emergency response capabilities for both pediatric and adult patients and optimize operations and efficiency in patient care delivery.

The partnership provides funding to Advanced Life Support (ALS) organizations throughout Indiana, equipping them with the Handtevy System’s suite of features including rapid access to time-sensitive medication dosing information, equipment sizing, CPR assistance, protocols, and checklists while enabling real-time documentation in the electronic health record. This strategic implementation is a testament to Indiana’s commitment to reducing medication dosing errors and elevating the quality of emergency care across the state.

Indiana’s initiative to facilitate Handtevy adoption reflects a deep commitment to minimizing dosing errors and elevating emergency care quality for residents of all ages. Backed by extensive research and evidence, such as the studies by Banerjee et al. and Rappaport et al., the Handtevy system has proven its value in enhancing neurologically intact survival rates post-cardiac arrest and reducing medication dosing errors, positioning itself as a pivotal tool for emergency medical services.

Kraig Kinney, State EMS Director at the Emergency Medical Services Division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, highlighted the initiative’s impact, stating, “Supporting Handtevy’s adoption marks a substantial step forward in our ongoing efforts to provide unparalleled care to our state’s residents in emergency situations. This proven system enhances our ability to deliver precise, timely, and high-quality pediatric emergency care, ultimately saving lives and improving outcomes.”

As Indiana’s EMS agencies begin integrating this advanced technology, with the support of the initiative, the state advances towards setting a new standard in emergency medical care, promising better care delivery and outcomes for all patients.

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Led by Peter Antevy, MD, Handtevy is at the forefront of revolutionizing emergency medical responses for children and adults alike through innovative technology and education. The Handtevy system exemplifies the company’s dedication to enhancing emergency care and improving survival outcomes nationwide.