Pulsara version 10.2 gives Android users access to additional alerting sounds

BOZEMAN, MT — Pulsara announced today the release of app version 10.1. Full release notes are as follows:

Good news! We are giving you access to the additional Pulsara sounds on your Android device. Now you can “funk out” to the sound of “Funkalicious,” or you can … yelp? … to the sound of “Yelp Siren.” Hey, you do you.

Android sound settings

Because of the way Android has set up their new Notification Channels, Pulsara will need to access a small section of storage on your phone, where we will store our Pulsara Alert Sounds. All we need from you is to provide permission on the My Call Status screen.

 Note: It’s essential for all Android 8.x and above users to enable this permission.

Don’t worry:

  • As always, no patient information will be stored on your device.

  • We won’t use your storage for anything other than installing Pulsara Sounds.

  • We won’t access or view anything else you might have in storage. Those pictures of you in a Speedo from your trip to Europe are safe and sound.

How to Enable Storage for Pulsara Sounds on Android Devices

Android notification settings in Pulsara

To enable storage for Pulsara Sounds, simply open up the My Call Status screen.

If storage is not enabled, you will receive a prompt from the OS asking for permissions to enable storage.

Tap “FIX IT,” and then tap "Allow" and you are all set!

Thank you, and please let us know what comments or questions you have!

Team Pulsara

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