FAST1 Receives Clearance for Use in Adolescents

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Vancouver, BC - Pyng Medical Corp. announced today that Fast1 Intraosseous Infusion System has been approved worldwide for use on patients as young as 12 years of age. Fast1 Intraosseous Infusion System is the fastest, most reliable alternative to conventional IV. When you cannot get an IV and time is critical, Fast1 provides lifesaving vascular access for fluids and drugs in shock, trauma and cardiac patients.

By the time a child reaches adolescence (12+ years of age) the sternum is large enough to accommodate the Fast1. That means emergency personnel now have the option to provide lifesaving fluids to younger patients more quickly than via alternative IO sites.

 “Fast1 is now the only single-use intraosseous infusion product cleared for use in both adolescents and adults, reducing the number of tools first responders need to carry in order to save lives,” said David Christie, President and CEO.

With its unique sternal site, Fast1 insertion is complete within 10 seconds and drugs reach the patient’s heart in less than 20 seconds. The sternal site high on the torso allows effective emergency treatment, including continuous chest compressions, from a single location near the patient’s head. Designed as a single use device, Fast1 ensures no risk of cross-contamination.

Intraosseous infusion has been used in children since the 1950s due to the difficulty in locating very small veins for IV placement. Adult IO, however, was not common until the introduction of Fast1 in 1997, the first commercialized adult IO device.  With Fast1 now being cleared for use in adolescents, it truly offers unparalleled simplicity for the emergency medical care community: one device to provide IO for a wide range of patients.

About Pyng Medical Corp.
Pyng Medical Corp. is the developer and manufacturer of the proprietary, award-winning Fast1 Intraosseous Infusion System. Pyng has received the exclusive 2008 Medical Device Company of the Year Award from LifeSciences British Columbia for its sustained achievements in commercializing Fast1. With expanding markets in North America, Europe and Asia, Fast1 has worldwide application for use with hospitals, emergency medical services and military forces.

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