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MegaMover™ Plus from Graham Goes Where Stretchers Cannot

Demanding emergency conditions require durable, versatile products that allow EMS professionals to assist patients quickly. Stretchers are not ideal for every condition and location, so teams rely on the new MegaMover™ Plus transport unit from Graham Medical. This versatile product may be used to transport/recover patients from rugged terrain, tight corners, or levels of buildings that use stairway exits only.

The MegaMover™ Plus can then be used to transfer the patient from the EMS stretcher to the hospital bed after transport and folds down into a small package weighing only one pound. The MegaMover™ Plus is a fluid-resistant nonwoven, 40” x 80” transport unit that holds up to 1,500 pounds. The unit is constructed with six sturdy handles on each side to assist emergency teams in ergonomic lifting. The MegaMover™ Plus can also accommodate standard backboards for added patient support. For military and law enforcement situations where security is critical and high visibility is not desired, the product comes in black/grey. The MegaMover™ Plus is supplied by Graham Medical, a leading marketer and supplier of single-use products for emergency medical services and is available through your local distributor. For more information, visit Graham Medical online at or contact them at 1-866-429-1408.

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