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Ballistic Furniture Systems, Inc., unveils bullet-resistant work space

The furniture can blend seamlessly into any office space while providing high level protection

Ballistic Furniture Systems, Inc. recently introduced its new Amulet Series of furniture, including a bullet-resistant cubicle, wall and work space.

Ballistic Furniture System’s Amulet Series has three tiers, and are designed to seamlessly integrate into high-quality office systems. All of the furniture has the strength to stop high-powered handgun and rifle fire.

Ballistic Furniture System’s bullet-absorbing technology can also be placed within commercial furniture, office and panel systems, as well as exterior and interior walls.

The first two tiers of the Amulet Series resist bullets from some of the most high-powered handguns, including .44 Magnum.

Series three is designed to stop rifle fire.

Both two and three are printable and mimic virtually any surface, including wood-veneer. They can also serve as signage, or a design element for a wall or other structure.