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How to get the most out of your ambulance fleet

Real-time feedback saves lives; when a critical call comes in, fleet management technology backed by real-time data makes a difference

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ACETECH telematics solutions provide businesses with improved fleet management, enhanced driver performance, increased patient satisfaction, better compliance management, and increased security.


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ACETECH technology makes your ambulance fleet safer, more efficient, and allows you to reach the highest performance with a cloud-based management platform that you can access 24/7.

Improved Fleet Management

ACETECH telematics solutions provide real-time visibility of the location and status of your ambulances, enabling managers to make decisions on fleet efficiencies and optimization that is backed by real-time data. With ACETECH, managers can monitor vehicle diagnostics, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, and driver behavior to ensure compliance with safety regulations and reduce the risk of crashes.

Enhanced Driver Performance

ACETECH solutions provide real-time feedback to drivers, enabling them to improve their performance and reduce fuel consumption. With ACETECH, drivers receive real-time alerts for excessive speed, G-forces, harsh braking, and other unsafe behaviors. Drivers are scored and benchmarked, helping them to become safer and more efficient drivers.

Another great benefit of enhanced driver performance is that the ambulance is being driven in a low-force mode which provides a much smoother and more comfortable ride for the patient. Many clinicians tell us their assessment and intervention skills have improved with ACETECH.

Better Compliance Management

ACETECH telematics solutions provide businesses with the ability to monitor compliance with safety regulations and ensure that drivers are adhering to company policies. With ACETECH, EMS services can monitor driver behavior, vehicle maintenance schedules, and other compliance factors to ensure that they are operating within regulatory guidelines.

Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits

Because ACETECH telematics is monitoring many inputs from the vehicle, (vehicle speed, brakes applied, turn signals, lights and siren) which can be replayed in real-time for crash investigations. This is very helpful to exonerate your drivers when false claims are made against the driving behavior of your staff.

Going Green with Solar Energy

ACETECH solar panels are a form of renewable energy technology that converts sunlight into electricity. In the context of ambulance operations, solar panels can be useful by:

  • Extending battery life. Solar panels can significantly help extend the life of the ambulance’s battery by reducing the fluctuations in battery charge levels. Some ACETECH customers which use our solar panels have told us they haven’t replaced a vehicle battery for over three years.
  • Promoting sustainability. Solar panels are a form of renewable energy, which reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and promotes sustainability in ambulance operations. For EMS services that want to or are required to go green, this is an excellent option that saves money.


ACETECH Vision AI is a cloud-based in-cab camera system using the latest in artificial intelligence technology. The AI system can recognize and alert drivers to many unsafe behaviors, suchs as:

  • distracted driving (cell phone use);
  • no-seat belt worn;
  • smoking;
  • following too close;
  • stop sign violations and more.

This cloud-based system is highly effective in promoting safe ambulance operations in several ways:

  1. Driver accountability: In-cab cameras can help hold drivers accountable for their actions and behavior while driving. This can encourage them to follow traffic rules, drive more safely, and be more attentive to their surroundings. Knowing that their actions are being monitored can also deter drivers from engaging in risky behavior, such as using their cell phones while driving.
  2. Training: Footage captured by in-cab cameras can be used for training purposes. Ambulance services can use the footage to identify areas where drivers may need additional training or coaching. This can help improve driver performance and reduce the likelihood of crashes.
  3. Crash prevention: In-cab cameras can help prevent crashes by capturing footage of potential hazards, such as vehicles driving erratically or pedestrians crossing the road unexpectedly. This information can be used to take proactive measures to avoid crashes and adjust driving behavior.
  4. Insurance claims: In-cab cameras can provide valuable evidence in insurance claims related to crashes or incidents. The footage can help establish who was at fault and can provide a clear record of the events leading up to the incident.

ACETECH telematics solutions provide businesses with improved fleet management, enhanced driver performance, increased patient satisfaction, better compliance management, and increased security. These benefits can lead to greater efficiency, and profitability making ACETECH a valuable partner for years to come.

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