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Field Data Software

The Field Data Software product category is a collection of information and resources for researching EMS Field Data Software, including types of software, hardware, and reporting solutions that allow you to collect and track data while out on a call.


ImageTrend Health Information Hub™ (HIH™) provides bidirectional automatic exchange of data connecting EMS with hospital EMRs, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information. The Open Platform through HIH enables EMS agencies to interchange data and transfer ePCR incidents with agencies using any NEMSIS version 3 certified system, breaking down the software-specific barriers that previously prevented local and regional partners from sharing encounter data.

The information exchange between hospitals and EMS agencies includes discharge outcomes, demographic information and more, leading to high quality reporting. This level of interoperability opens the door to new possibilities and makes patient-centric care a reality.

ImageTrend Elite™ is the ePCR designed for you - with a fast, easy to use interface that works on Windows, Android and iPad tablets. A powerful backend with built-in reporting helps you take your data to the next level.

Timesaving features like Dynamic Power Tools™ and Situation Tools™ help your crews make quick work of documentation in common scenarios while still maintaining accuracy. Administration is even easier with the form builder and user-generated content from The Library to fine-tune the system to your organization’s needs.

As expected, you still get enterprise ready capabilities, real-time validation rules, optional offline operation (Elite Field) and world-class support in a cloud-based solution.