Trending Topics and Limmer Creative Team Up to Launch New EMS Test Prep Apps

SAN FRANCISCO,, the most comprehensive online resource for EMS professionals, and Limmer Creative, the leading provider of EMS test prep and review apps, have announced the development of two new apps, 101 Last Minute Study Tips, one for EMTs and one for Paramedics, launching at EMS World this week.

The new apps provide a free, relevant and beneficial tool for EMS providers studying for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. The new tool uses the strength of both partners - the market reach of EMS1 and the educational experience and proprietary platform of Limmer Creative. Each app is targeted to a specific audience, one for the EMT level student and the other for the Paramedic level student.

Containing 101 study cards with fast facts and critical thinking questions, the apps will help with last-minute exam study or to keep an existing EMT or Paramedic sharp. 101 Last Minute Study Tips contains information in a variety of high-yield subjects as defined by people who have taken the exam, including medical terminology, pediatrics, cardiology and resuscitation, trauma and more.

“EMS1 is continually looking at ways to provide resources to EMTs and paramedics in a tangible way. This app provides exactly that. Whether you are preparing for the National Registry as a brand new provider or are recertifying by challenging the exam, this app is a must have,” said Kris Kaull, Vice President of Marketing for EMS1. “In my opinion, one of the greatest ways to prepare is to practice, practice, practice.”

The apps were created from solicited feedback from current EMS providers that have taken NREMT exam.

“We took a unique approach to content creation by asking people who have taken the exam what they wish they had studied more. We were able to gather a substantial cross-section of users’ feedback to build a high-quality review app,” said Dan Limmer, Founder of Limmer Creative. “In doing this, we have the most relevant content available.”

The apps are available for free on both iPhone and Android and can be accessed from mobile phones or tablets. All versions of the apps can be downloaded here:

- Study Tips for Paramedics (iPhone)

- Study Tips For Paramedics (Android)

- Study Tips for EMTs (iPhone)

- Study Tips for EMTs (Android)

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