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Healthy habits to nurture provider resiliency, career longevity

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Though the Boston EMS Peer Support Unit began taking a proactive approach to provider mental health several years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic rewrote the playbook on addressing provider wellness, functionality and sustainability.  

Overnight or long shifts, lack of sleep and the on-the-go, stressful nature of EMS challenges providers’ bodies, putting them more at risk for a range of dangerous illnesses. Supporting members’ mental and physical wellbeing promotes career longevity while decreasing the risk of work-related injury.  

The EMS Burnout Repair Kit series, presented by EMS1 and Zoll, will equip individuals at all levels in EMS with tools for dealing with the primary sources of burnout, helping them emerge as better, happier providers and more complete people. 

In this installment, learn how Boston EMS supports members’ emotional and physical health through promoting fitness, developing healthy eating habits, camaraderie and inclusivity. 

Registrants for this event will also get a live demonstration from Yoga for First Responders on stretches to prevent muscle strains and injury before and after a shift.  

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Patrick Calter  

Lieutenant Patrick Calter was hired by Boston EMS in 2007, and is a state EMS instructor/coordinator, suicide prevention instructor, addiction recovery coach, and certified through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) in group, individual peer support and crisis intervention training. He spent almost 10 years in busy BLS trucks prior to being promoted to Lieutenant in 2016 where he was appointed as the coordinator of the Peer Support Program. The Boston EMS Peer Support falls under the state peer support network which is comprised of 17 teams spread across the commonwealth, the BEMS team being the only EMS focused team. Lt. Calter is the author of the Health and Wellness Initiative which has been implemented since 2019.  


Hayden Duggan, EdD  

Hayden Duggan is the president and founder of the On-Site Academy in Gardner, Massachusetts, a residential trauma treatment and training program for Public-Safety Personnel. Hayden serves as the team clinician and chief psychologist for multiple teams within the Massachusetts Peer Support Network and earned his doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1977. Hayden also serves as a forensic psychologist for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, acts as an instructor for the ICISF, and holds the position of adjunct professor at Anna Maria College.  

Felicia Hickey, NRP  

Felicia Hickey is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and has been with Boston EMS since 2005. Felicia serves as a lead field training officer assigned to the academy and has been tasked with orientation and implementation of recruit physical training since 2018. She holds certifications from Crossfit as a Level I trainer, and has recently completed her adaptive and inclusive training, which allows her to tailor multiple exercises for persons with disabilities. Additionally, Felicia has received certifications from the ICISF in group and individual peer support.  



Nicholas Mutter, BS, NRP 

Nicholas Mutter is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in EMS Management from Springfield College. Nick has been with Boston EMS since 2014, serves as their union secretary and as part of the media relations team. He holds certifications from the ICISF in group and individual peer support as well as being a certified recovery coach, certified in psychological first aid, and with veteran-related suicide prevention.  




Chrissy Snyder, NREMT 

Chrissy Snyder is a Nationally Registered EMT and has been with Boston EMS since 2019. Chrissy brings an additional holistic approach to the Health and Wellness Initiative with her certifications to instruct yoga and meditation through the International Yoga Alliance. Chrissy was able to use her experience as an EMT to help tailor plans incorporating stretching and strengthening frequently used muscles while promoting proper body mechanics to reduce work-related injuries, which has been featured to members department-wide. Additionally, Chrissy also holds certifications from the ICISF in group and individual peer support.  


Olivia Mead 

Olivia Mead is founder and CEO of the non-profit organization YogaShield - Yoga For First Responders (YFFR). Olivia is a life-long yoga practitioner and has studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Human Performance, and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Veterans. She is a member of the Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. 

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