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On-Demand Webinar: An evidence-based approach for how to manage burnout and stress for EMS professionals

Understand causes and learn techniques to manage stress for on the job or at home

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Webinar sponsored by ESO

Burnout and work-related stress have negative consequences for the EMS professional and their workplace organizations. Addressing the root causes and improving the health and safety of the workforce requires a multi-level approach. In this webinar, Dr. Remle Crowe and Mike Taigman will discuss drivers of burnout and present research-based strategies to reduce stress. 

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  • Why burnout occurs among EMS professionals. 
  • What modifiable agency-level factors are associated with burnout in EMS. 
  • How to identify burnout and stress in yourself and others. 
  • Research-based techniques to manage stress for on the job or at home. 



Remle Crowe, Ph.D., NREMT, Research Scientist and Quality Improvement Manager, ESO 

Dr. Remle Crowe
Dr. Remle Crowe

Dr. Remle Crowe is an expert in quality improvement and research. From truck clutches to clinical care, she has shown how improvement science and research work to solve problems across fields. As an EMT with a passion for advancing the EMS evidence base, she earned her Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Now, as a research scientist at ESO and faculty member of the NAEMSP Quality and Safety Course, Dr. Crowe routinely uses data to improve community health and safety. 



Mike Taigman, author, educator, Improvement Guide, FirstWatch

Mike Taigman
Mike Taigman

Mike Taigman uses over four decades of experience to help EMS leaders and field personnel improve the care/service they provide to patients and their communities. Mike is the Improvement Guide for FirstWatch, a company which provides near-real time monitoring and analysis of data along with performance improvement coaching for EMS agencies.  

He teaches Improvement Science as an assistant professor in the Masters in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program at the University of San Francisco and an adjunct professor in the Emergency Health Services Management graduate program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He’s the author of the upcoming book, “Stress Management in the Time of Coronavirus: A handbook for emergency services and healthcare professionals." 

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