Vitalboards - The Community Outreach Program That Can Save Lives

Vitalboards | The Community Outreach Program That Can Save Lives | | 800.577.1703

The program has two components. The first is a beautifully designed, 8-1/2” x 11” full color magnetic memo board with pen and clip, which mounts to the refrigerator door. People love to use these as a quick communication tool, a reminder for an important event that week, or simply to jot down some notes. 

What’s really special about Vitalboards though is what’s on the back side. We’ve included areas for each homeowner to list their vital health information, such as allergies, current medications, medical conditions, and more. This information can assist EMS and emergency first responders in saving lives, in situations where someone in is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated. An EMS info sticker is also included, which is affixed on or near the front door, and alerts first responders to the location of the Vitalboard. 

The program also includes Vital ICE, the customized In Case of Emergency app for iPhone/iPad/Android users (free for download, available 11/2014). Vital ICE is a mobile platform for users to store their vital health information while on the go. This is an app every citizen should have on their mobile device, as it could possibly help save their lives. This feature rich app has much more to offer than any other ICE app on the market today, even native health apps. Through its back office web access, EMS, Fire, and other first responders can be provisioned to send push notifications to alert citizens when needed.

Vitalboards can be funded entirely by the city or municipality, or can be funded in part or whole by a local business in a co-branded effort. 

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