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MP Cloud announces first ever automated deductible hold management operations with AdvanceClaim software

Spartanburg, SC — MP Cloud Technologies, a cloud-based, emergency medical services (EMS) software and billing solutions company has created the first truly automated deductible hold management options for claims billing. Working with insurance and deductibles is time consuming and whether your EMS agency is checking deductibles or you’re sourcing it out; it can be a drain on resources and requires a huge time commitment. Now, with our automated process, providers can choose which claims they’d like to hold, the length they’d like to hold them and put thresholds on the dollar amounts to hold. Giving these options to providers allows time for a patient’s deductible to be met so claims have a higher chance of being paid by insurance and not the patient.

Brian Rowe – Chief Product Officer

“Our clients have been asking for an integrated solution to deductible hold management. Users no longer have to extract data and send it to a third-party company, or perform manual checks when they want to hold a claim until a deductible has been met. The most common example is for providers hold their Medicare claims in January of each year until the deductible has been met. Now our clients can configure this for full automation. Our integrated connection with Change Healthcare along with new automation we’ve built chronically checks if deductibles have been met before releasing claims seamlessly to the payer. We’re excited to announce this integration as the first in the industry to offer this feature fully integrated and automated.”

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