Spotlight: Binder Lift found a safer, simpler, easier way to lift patients

It’s more than just a lift belt!

Company Name: Binder Lift
Signature Product: The Binder Lift Original

(The Binder Lift Original)
(The Binder Lift Original)

Intro: The Binder Lift attaches 19-25 handles to the patient’s torso for caregivers to grasp when providing lift assistance. These handles enable caregivers to team lift while using proper lifting ergonomics.

The first Binder Lift was first created by Dan Binder to prevent his wife’s back from getting injured while performing her duties as an EMT-I. Today, we still have the same core focus of providing a safer way to lift™ for all fire and EMS personnel. Our products are manufactured right here in the USA by R&B manufacturing in Oakwood, Ohio. We are a family operated business that keeps our family values in the business environment. Give us a call, we’d love to chat.

Where did your company name originate from?
The company name originates from the owner and inventors last name of Binder. We wanted the name to convey two main points to our customers. First, this is a family owned company that believes integrity is worth more than money. Second, we have a product that will help them lift their patients safely and effectively.

What was the inspiration behind starting your company? 
In 2012 Julie Binder, an EMT-I, came home from her 12-hour shift visibly frustrated. Upon further inquiry Dan learned of the sometimes daily challenges every health care provider must face when required to provide human lift assistance. Dan was worried for the safety of Julie’s back when she began to describe the way in which her and her partner went about lifting a patient earlier that evening. In a moment of instant inspiration, Dan described to Julie the proper piece of equipment (the Binder Lift) that was needed to her job safely. Since there was no product that Julie’s department could find that was specifically designed to aid caregivers when providing lift assistance Dan decided to make one. After buying a 1962 Kenmore sewing machine and teaching himself to sew at the age of 50, the first Binder Lift was made.

Why do you believe your products are essential to the EMS community?
The Binder Lift completes the patient handling equipment package. Departments will invest millions of dollars into the procurement of stretchers and stair chairs that are engineered to reduce injuries. However the majority of back injuries are happening prior to placing the patient on these expensive pieces of equipment. The Binder Lift helps prevent injuries where patient handling begins™; lifting patients off the floor, bed, bathtub, toilet etc. The Binder Lift is the only device to attach a multitude of handles to the patient’s torso while also providing cushioning for patient comfort. By giving care providers handles to lift by, the Binder Lift will reduce the risk of injury every time a patient is lifted to their feet, or onto a patient transport device.

What has been the biggest challenge your company has faced?
Perhaps Binder Lift’s biggest challenge is one we face each and every day. We are faced with the task of educating departments of the need to change old behaviors that are the leading culprits for the incredibly high back injury rate within the fire and EMS industry. If departments continue to use improvised techniques when providing lift assistance then back injuries will continue to be the number one reason for early retirement within EMS.

What do your customers like best about you and your products?
Customers love the fact that we will send them a free, no obligation demo product to use for 30 days. We want the customer to have a chance to play with the device before committing to a purchase.  At the end of the 30 days they can simply mail the device(s) back to us or request to be invoiced. Our customers also regularly tell us how much they like having so many handles to choose from. No matter what position their patient is in, they know that there will always be a handle to grab.

What is the most rewarding part of serving the EMS/paramedic community?
Hearing stories about how our product made a difference for both the medic and/or the patient. Perhaps the best definition of success is knowing that you made a difference to at least one person. Stories like this help remind us that our product is making a difference every day.

Do you support any charitable organizations within public safety?
Yes, in the past we have supported events such as the Hebron Professional Firefighters Association 9-11 Memorial golf tournament.

Is there any fun fact or trivia that you’d like to share with our users about you or your company?
Fun fact: Can you say “Fool proof?” The Binder Lift is so well designed it can even be put on upside down and still work! This actually happened during a demonstration when the demonstrator failed to familiarize himself with how the Binder Lift should be attached to the volunteer patient. Apparently he thought the leg straps were suspenders and attached it to the patient upside down. They were very impressed by how well it worked, and only later discovered their mistake when looking at our brochure. As we like to tell people, it really doesn’t matter how you get it on; just get it on so you have something appropriate to grab.

What’s next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?
Although Dan does have other lift equipment aids waiting to be developed, Binder Lift will continue its mission of educating departments around the world on a SAFER way to lift because humans don’t come with HANDLES!™ We have recently expanded into Canada, Japan and Australia and hope to find a reputable agent to take us into the European Union.


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