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Ambulnz and Envoy America announce partnership

Two Companies Create Seamless Transportation Network Through Technology

NEW, YORK, NY -- Ambulnz, an industry leading on-demand ambulance services provider, and Envoy America, a highly specialized ridesharing program that offers transportation plus assistance and companionship services, announced the formation of a strategic partnership. Together, the two companies are able to provide an elevated level of service that supports the entire aging population, one of the fast-growing demographics in the country.

Through this new partnership, Envoy America’s Driver Companions will use Ambulnz’s AI-powered proprietary technology to schedule rides across its fleet nationwide. The technology will allow corporate clients and passengers to track vehicles in real-time using Ambulnz’s ShareLink® technology, enabling true transparency and alleviating stress. Under the agreement, Ambulnz also plans to utilize Envoy America in markets it serves for those requiring transport (e.g. to a medical appointment or dialysis treatments), but who are otherwise ambulatory and do not require medical assistance.

Ambulnz is at the forefront of utilizing technology to deliver medical transportation services, helping improve patient outcomes with unparalleled customer service, transparency, and industry-leading on time compliance. Envoy America provides Driver Companions, which offer door-to-door service where they not only drive, but also provide assistance at all points along the journey. From stowing a walker, pushing a transfer wheelchair, to running errands, or taking clients to and from medical appointments, Envoy America’s best in class service will complement Ambulnz’s best in class technology and dedication to patient safety and assistance.

“Envoy America provides reliable, sedan door-to-door service that complements Ambulnz’s non-emergent ambulance services, including wheelchair and stretcher van services,” said Kelly Adair, Vice President at Ambulnz. “Utilizing Envoy America’s vast network of Driver Companions, Ambulnz will be able to coordinate all levels of transport for patients from nurse-level transport to helping those simply needing a ride to regular dialysis treatment or a medical appointment.”

“We’re excited to utilize Ambulnz’s innovative technology to improve our vehicle dispatching and tracking for our national fleet of sedans, and to partner with them on providing door-to-door transports for those needing assistance to make appointments, but who do not require Ambulnz’s higher levels of medical care or transport assistance,” said K.C. Kanaan, Chief Executive Officer of Envoy America. “We love how Ambulnz puts their patients and employees first, which is something we at Envoy America hold as a core value for our driver companions as well.”

Envoy America started serving Ambulnz in Texas this August and will be expanding their partnership in the coming months to markets including Arizona, Pennsylvania, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, and more.

About Ambulnz

Ambulnz (pronounced like Ambulance but with a Z sound at the end) is a new kind of on demand ambulance services provider that is transforming medical transportation through the use of disruptive technology, better compensation for EMTs and a unique business model that inspires the highest level of care. It has more than 1,300 employees working in eight U.S. States and in the United Kingdom. More info at For more information about Ambulnz, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Envoy America

Envoy America was founded in 2015 to help seniors, the infirm and disabled stay independent, healthy and socially active – all without getting behind the wheel of a car. Envoy America offers door-to-door service where the Driver Companions not only drive, but also provide assistance and companionship services at all points along the journey, from pushing a grocery cart, to running errands, to escorting clients to and from medical appointments and more. Envoy America is the proud recipient of the Dementia Society of America prestigious Dementia SMART Award. Envoy America is preferred by senior clients for its safe and friendly experience and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of seniors. Envoy America is currently operating in more than 300 cities and 22 states across the country. For more information about Envoy America, follow our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter handle.