The Sani-Bag+™ Commode & Bedpan Liner

end picture Prevent the Spread of Hospital Acquired Infections


INDIANAPOLIS – As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the US Government has committed 50 million dollars for states to implement healthcare associated infection reduction strategies. With the public focus on infection rates growing, the Sani-Bag+ commode and bedpan liner is a solution for reducing the spread of infection from human waste.

Emptying and cleaning a commode or bedpan has significant potential to transmit infections. The Sani-Bag+ significantly reduces the potential for transmission of harmful bacteria and spores to caregivers and patients. The Sani-Bag+ reduces contact with human waste and improves sanitation, helping to prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections while saving valuable staff time.

The biodegradable Sani-Bag+ commode and bedpan liner contains a waste treatment powder that gels and treats up to 32 ounces of waste, preventing backsplash and spillage. The odor neutralizer controls odors and allows for overnight or multiple uses. After use, simply roll the top of the bag, close it with the adhesive seal, and dispose of it in the same manner as an adult diaper.

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