EM Innovations Introduces Rx Destroyer™ Instant Drug Disposal System

Safe drug disposal happens in the bottle with Rx Destroyer! Accepts all forms of non-hazardous medications: liquids, capsules, pills, patches, lozenges and creams.

The Rx Destroyer is eco-friendly “disposal in a bottle”. The Rx Destroyer bottle contains a ready-to-use chemical digestion solution. Simply load unused or unwanted medications into the bottle. Shake to mix patent pending digestion solution over the medications. Drugs start dissolving on contact permitting the active medication ingredients to be adsorbed and neutralized by the active charcoal ingredients.  The active medication ingredients permanently bond to the activated charcoal and the process is irreversible.

Rx Destroyer meets “non-retrievable” DEA standards for controlled substances. In addition, Rx Destroyer meets DEA requirements for drug destruction which helps accomplish the DEA’s goal to reduce drug diversion by keeping medications out of the wrong hands, diminish accidental poisoning and decrease illicit drug activities.

Rx Destroyer™ is the responsible drug disposal choice and it supports EPA and FDA efforts to help prevent leaching of pharmaceutical into drinking water, soil, and waterways. In most states, Rx Destroyer™ meets disposal regulations for solid waste, which allows the Rx Destroyer™ bottle and its contents to be discarded with common trash. For additional topic related information, please refer to your facilities, state and local regulations.

Simply store and reuse until full and discard into normal trash. Rx Destroyer Instant Drug Disposal System is one of the most affordable drug disposal options available and a smart choice for on-site pharmaceutical disposal.

Available in 4 ounce, 16 ounce, 64 ounce and 2.5 gallon bottles.

For more information please contact EM Innovations at 614-853-504 or visit our website at https://www.eminnovations.com/medicationdisposal

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