DermaClip: a new standard in skin closure

The DermaClip® device is a needle-less replacement for sutures, staples and glues that is composed of two pieces of adhesive joined by a polypropylene bridge. Available in 2 sizes, Regular and Large, the device is quite simple in design but quite advanced as a wound closure device.

DermaClip® is a revolutionary, new non-invasive skin closure device that allows for the quick and easy closure of surface wounds and the final stage of surgical incisions with no puncturing or crushing of the skin. The patented non-invasive design of DermaClip is designed to evert the skin on every closure to promote healthy healing and is quick and easy-to-use. 

Used on tens of thousands of patients internationally on everything from minor cuts and lacerations to total hip replacements, DermaClip is achieving a new standard of wound closure, while enhancing ease of use, safety and outcome. Just a few minutes of simple training allows even lesser-trained staff to achieve proper wound closure, allowing DermaClip to benefit even more patients.

Simplifying wound closure

The DermaClip device is a single-use, non-invasive, needle-less skin closure device that is designed to achieve full eversion on each skin closure. This is accomplished through a patented design that incorporates a plastic structures that mates a "Living Hinge" sandwiched between two layers of hypo-allergenic, alkylate-based adhesive to a ratchet mechanism so as to lift the skin in the closure process and evert it.

The application process for DermaClip takes just minutes to master. Simply pick the DermaClip device off its backing; place it across the approximated edges of the wound; and pull it until you hear it “click” shut. Clip the tabs off and you are done! For patient comfort and convenience, a dressing can be applied over the closed DermaClip devices using normal procedures.

DermaClip is made of top of the line, hypoallergenic, long-duration adhesive. The adhesive is strong enough to effectively maintain wound closure for 7 to 10 days while remaining gentile enough for use on fragile skin. The DermaClip device is latex-free.

The goal of the DermaClip device is to eliminate trade-offs in skin closure between time of closure and quality of patient care.

Surgeons just being introduced to the device were able to close an approximately 3-inch surgical incision in less than 2 minutes (as seen in the video on the DermaClip Device page). With experience and proper technique, even better results can be achieved.

The speed of the device makes it perfect for applications ranging from emergency scenarios all the way to the operating room. Additionally, the non-invasive nature of the device allows it to be removed without damaging the wound; therefore, the DermaClip device can also be used as a temporary closure for triage situations where additional follow-up treatment is required.

For more information on how to apply the device, please visit the Instructions for Use page.

About DermaClip
DermaClip® US, L.L.C. believes that high quality skin closure should be available to everyone, regardless of access to high-end services. The DermaClip team's goal is to eliminate the trade-offs in skin closure made between time of closure and quality of patient care.

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