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‘She’s perfect': Ga. firefighter helps deliver own grandchild at station

Austell Firefighter Bret Langston’s daughter didn’t have time to get to a birthing center – a bunk room would do


Photos/City of Austell

By Leila Merrill

AUSTELL, Ga. — Austell Firefighter Bret Langston, a 28-year veteran, has been part of several births, and last month, he helped deliver his own granddaughter.

“So, it’s not my first time delivering a baby,” he told 11alive.

Langston’s daughter Hannah was about halfway to a birthing center when she realized the baby would come before she could get there. But her father’s workplace was nearby.

Her dad, the firefighter and grandfather-to-be, delivered the baby along with his wife, April Langston, and Hannah’s doula in a fire station bunk room. The doula had to hurry to the new location. And by the time an ambulance arrived at the station, it was too late for a transport, according to the city.

“It was unexpected, unusual, but it was a blessing and I wouldn’t change it. Everything went well,” said April Langston.

Hannah brought baby Adalynn to visit her grandpa and the other firefighters at the station when she was 12 days old.

“She’s beautiful, she’s perfect,” Bret Langston said.