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Why the Ferguson EMS response yields lessons for us all

At EMS1, we’ve been providing exclusive coverage and analysis on the civil unrest through our lens as paramedics

The events in Ferguson are having a significant impact on the local EMS community, and have broader implications for responders everywhere.

Among rioting, clashes between police and protesters, looting, random gunfire, and intentional vehicle and building fires, we’ve highlighted the impact Ferguson is having on EMS operations, scene safety, communications, patient care, and transport.

A first-person account from EMS1 video producer Ray Kemp gives all of us insights into:

  • Additional personal protective equipment for response into an unstable and chaotic scene
  • The rigors of uncertain and possibly extended deployment for EMS responders
  • Traumatic injury patterns that might result from projectiles, tear gas, and mass crowd gatherings
  • Delayed or altered ambulance response because of street and intersection closures

Finally, the successes (or potential shortcomings) of the EMS response in Ferguson are likely due to months of planning, SOG changes, training, and relationship building. Study the Ferguson EMS preparation and response to ensure your service’s readiness for civil unrest.