‘Christmas Vacation’ decoration prompts 911 calls

Chris Olson’s neighbors thought the dummy he hung from his gutter was actually him falling off the roof

By EMS1 Staff

BOULDER, Colo. — A Christmas decoration prompted neighbors to call 911 in an effort to save a “man” from falling off the roof.

9News reported that Chris Olson hung a dummy from his gutter in honor of the scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” where Chevy Chase falls from the roof while hanging Christmas lights.

“My dad was a big practical joker,” Olson said. “So I grew up with that whole kind of sense of humor.”

Olson’s neighbors didn’t quite get the joke.

"[My family] heard this guy come running up and he's like, 'Sir! Sir! Can I help you, sir? Sir!'" Olson said. "And then he realized he's not talking to a real person.”

Other neighbors called 911 to report that Olson was in danger. First responders arrived, and Olson thought he was in trouble.

“I go, ‘Honey, the fire truck’s here! The fire department!’” Olson said.  “I go, ‘Oh, and there’s a police officer and paramedics and everything!’ They all arrived. Boulder’s finest were here.”

Police found the decoration funny and allowed him to keep it up. Olson said he’s so pleased with the effect that he might keep it up all year, according to ABC13.


If you get too creative with your holiday decorating you can apparently really scare some people. Chris Olson of...

Posted by Blake Ozz on Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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