Ambulance crew finds note: 'Enjoy your day – buy a coffee’

A note left on the windshield of an ambulance blocking a driveway in England encouraged the EMS crew to enjoy their day, with money attached for a coffee stop

By EMS1 Staff

SPALDING, England — An ambulance crew found a heartwarming note on their windshield after parking the rig in a neighbor’s driveway to access a critical patient.

The Daily Mail reported that Emergency Care Assistant Catherine Whitehouse and Paramedic Julie Wade were responding to a call and had to park in front of a neighbor’s house, blocking their driveway, to access the patient.

When they returned, a note on their windshield greeted them. It read, “You blocked my drive, but it doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t going out anyway. Enjoy your day – buy a coffee.”

The East Midlands Ambulance Service tweeted a picture of the note, captioning it with, “Lincolnshire paramedic Julie Wade & ECA Catherine Whitehouse were attending a patient in Spalding yesterday when they had a #Bluelighthappy moment. When they left, to take the patient to the ambulance, they were greeted with this #EMAZING note.”

Though the crew didn’t have time to grab a coffee right then, they made up for it later in the day.


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