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AIMHI recognizes Refresh2021, Prodigy EMS for excellence in education

More than 30,000 providers have enrolled in Refresh 2021, completing more than 500,000 class hours

Refresh2021 Educator Award.png

Rob Lawrence

By Kerri Hatt

CAMBRIDGE, MassProdigy EMS, the Cambridge, Massachusetts, based online Learning Management System, and its program faculty and steering committee, have been awarded the Excellence in Public Information or Education award by the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration (AIMHI) for Refresh2021.

The award recognizes an EMS or non-EMS organization that has developed and implemented an effective public information or education campaign designed to encourage patients, members or the public to develop or maintain healthy lifestyles, or to more effectively utilize healthcare resources.

Refresh 2021 was created as a free, online CAPCE-accredited NCCR program, designed to deliver a much-needed free education program to the nation in the height of the pandemic, according to a Prodigy press release.

The steering committee consists of Peter Antevy, Kelly Bouthillet, Tom Bouthillet, Remle Crowe, Brian LaCroix, Paul Pepe, Mike Taigman, James DiClemente, Rob Lawrence and Keith Griffiths.

Faculty are all donating their time and expertise.

More than 30,000 medical professionals from 103 countries have enrolled in Refresh 2021, completing more than 500,000 class hours.

Fourteen thousand providers have completed the required 30 class hours to receive their NCCR certificate of completion. According to the release, Refresh 2021 has provided $4 million dollars worth of free education to EMS providers in their moment of need.

Refresh 2021 faculty member Jim DuCanto, MD, wrote to the Refresh 2021 team after hearing of the award, “I wanted to offer a congratulations as well as a thanks to all of you for embodying the spirit of the true innovators in medicine, we offer our small parts in order to fortify and shore-up the whole.”

Christopher B. Colwell, MD, chief of emergency medicine at Zuckerberg, San Francisco General, said, “Truly awesome work ... and a bit of good news at a time when some is sorely needed.”

Refresh 2021 continues to offer its CE program for free until the end of January, 2022, and can be accessed at