Indy paramedics, EMTs trained to prevent, escape assaults

More than 60 Indianapolis EMS providers have been injured during patient attacks since 2015

By EMS1 Staff

INDIANAPOLIS — With attacks on first responders on the rise, EMS providers are being trained on how to prevent or escape assaults.

Indy Star reported that more than 60 Indianapolis paramedics and EMTs have been injured during patient attacks since 2015. The review of injuries has also led to crews carrying lighter-weight medical kits and policies regarding the handling of patients' firearms. Each ambulance, according to the report, will have boxes to secure any guns found.

Paramedic Linda Hodge-McKinney, who was attacked by a patient in 2013, said the training class was "a big weight lifted" from her shoulders.

Crews learned how to calm down hostile patients, how to deflect blows, evade grapples and escape grips. They also received situational awareness training.

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