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Electronic Patient Care Reports

Clinicians should be aware of how ventricular-assist devices work and what distress signs to look for in patients
Steve Whitehead and Nick Nudell debate the importance of MOR reporting
Sometimes people will only judge you or your agency by the quality of your report, so take the time to do it right, and check your work!
First Due’s comprehensive suite is designed specifically for EMS operations and includes highly configurable NEMSIS v.3.4 and 3.5 compliant ePCR software and applications for scheduling, assets, training, events, and more.
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The data may also be used to inform EMS reviews and training
Lincoln Park First Aid Squad alleges that the state health department’s office of EMS gave the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Reporting System access to medical records
Discover the metrics agencies should consider tracking, how to package that data to influence decision-makers and how to improve the quality of ePCR reporting
CognitiveEMS, developed by University of Virginia researchers, provides prompts to support responders’ decision-making
Go back to the basics with a thorough understanding of pediatric appearance, breathing and circulation warning signs, and the cardinal rule of pediatric assessment
Older adults tend to be under-triaged despite a higher risk of clinically significant injury
Learn how health information exchange is improving patient outcomes, increasing organizational efficiencies and recovering revenue as possible in the Pinnacle Webinar Series
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services allows providers to obtain verbal consent to sign when contamination of a stylus or recording device is of concern
Don’t let your agency get behind – here are steps you can take to rethink your tech strategy
A team from the Institute of Neurological Sciences updated the GCS and developed a Structured Approach to Assessment to minimize variation in stimulation and response measurement