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‘Keepers of the flame’: Reflecting on the role of preceptors

Hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss the importance of preceptors in EMS training and the need for effective mentorship

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In this episode of Inside EMS, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson delve into the crucial role of preceptors in EMS training and the impact they have on shaping the future of the profession. They emphasize the significance of preceptors as the “keepers of the flame” who pass on traditions and knowledge to new generations of EMS providers.

Memorable quotes

  • “Preceptors have a fundamental understanding of their role in shaping the future of the profession.” — Kelly Grayson
  • “Legacy. The keepers of the flame are not the instructors. They’re not the officers. Officers come and go, but the preceptors are the keepers of the flame and pass on the traditions.” — Kelly Grayson
  • “Preceptors are probably the most important component of EMS education.” — Kelly Grayson

The hosts discuss the challenges and responsibilities of being a preceptor, emphasizing the need for preceptors to understand their role in shaping the future of EMS. They also touch on the importance of legacy and how preceptors play a pivotal role in maintaining and passing down the profession’s traditions.
Grayson underscores the value of preceptors, highlighting that they are the individuals who can guide and mentor new EMS providers, ultimately affecting the lives of countless patients. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing preceptors as vital contributors to EMS education.

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