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Dean Meenach

EMS in Focus

Dean Meenach, MSN, RN, CNL, CEN, CCRN, CPEN, EMT-P, has taught and worked in EMS for more than 24 years. He currently serves as an advanced nurse clinician and EMS program director at Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis, Missouri. He has served as a paramedic instructor/program director, Paramedic to RN Bridge Program instructor, subject matter expert, author, national speaker and collaborative author in micro-simulation programs. He can be reached at

EMS providers must have a thorough understanding of pain assessment tools and options for acute pain management, especially with the recent focus on opioid abuse
The effects of shock due to major blood loss rapidly become irreversible, so quick identification and intervention are critical
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is becoming an option for critical cardiac care in the prehospital environment thanks to advances in technology
The flipped classroom is an inquiry-based learning strategy designed to improve student engagement, discovery and outcomes
The Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates pharmaceutical tracking, tracing and documentation for EMS agencies
Review the evidence for nine clinical applications for field ultrasound to assess, treat and monitor critically ill patients
EMS providers need to follow infection control guidelines for care and transport of patients with infectious, contagious and even deadly antibiotic-resistant organisms
EMS providers need to apply best practices for trauma patient triage and consider available products to improve patient survival
EMS professionals must realize the value of military research and incorporate the latest evidence-based practice regarding the use of tourniquets and chest seals
Military training incorporated into a prehospital setting helps EMS providers make complex decisions when responding to tactical incidents