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Baby, family meet dispatcher-paramedic who helped with freeway birth

The baby’s parents thanked Honolulu 911 Dispatcher and Paramedic Emily Zuckernick for talking them through the birth


By EMS1 Staff

HONOLULU — The family of a 3-month-old baby born on the side of a Hawaii freeway met with a dispatcher-paramedic to thank her for talking them through the birth.

Dispatcher and Paramedic Emily Zuckernick picked up the 911 phone call in September shortly before the birth of Kaniela Mahoe, KHON2 reported.

“I could hear (the mother) Anela screaming and I’m pretty familiar with that yell and I thought, oh, this baby is coming, they need to pull over,” Zuckernick said.

The boy’s parents said Zuckernick’s calm guidance helped them have a safe delivery.

“I’m just so grateful that she was there to help us in that stressful situation and help us deliver our little boy,” said Anela Mahoe.

The Mahoes’ previous five children were born in the hospital. Kaniela, his parents and one of his siblings met with Zuckernick at her workplace to thank her in person.

Zuckernick has been a paramedic since 1999 and a full-time dispatcher for about three years. She said she was “grateful” to meet the family.

“To be able to hear his first cry, and then to see him, this amazing baby that is just perfect, and his parents that are just awesome, it’s wonderful,” she said.

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