Baby delivered in NH ambulance during snowstorm

An EMT later told Mariah Tate that it was his first baby delivery

By EMS1 Staff

MILTON, N.H. — Milton Fire Department responders delivered a baby in an ambulance after getting caught during a snowstorm.

Mariah Tate was home alone with her 15-month-old child when she realized she needed to go to the hospital last week. Her husband was at work. 

“I waited a little longer than I probably should’ve because I didn’t want it to be a false alarm,” Tate told WMUR. “People were out plowing and doing their things.”

EMS providers arrived at her home and were en route to the hospital when Tate went into active labor. 

"I couldn't believe it when she [the paramedic] was like, 'OK, you can go on and push now,' and I was like, 'Wait, what?'" Tate said.

Tate and her newborn son were then transported to the hospital. An EMT later told Tate it was his first baby delivery.

“Yeah, you did a great job, and you kept me calm through it,” Tate told the EMT. 


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