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Mich. paramedics injured in crash involving fleeing felon

AMR medics in Grand Rapids were injured when the suspect crashed into their rig after an earlier police pursuit


AMR West Michigan/Facebook

By Bill Carey

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Two Michigan paramedics were injured when a fugitive fleeing from the police crashed into their ambulance.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office said deputies had tried to arrest the driver on a felony warrant during a traffic stop in Grand Rapids on Aug. 15, Fox 17 reported.

The suspect fled and the pursuit was called off due to how the suspect was driving.

Later in the day, the suspect sideswiped a vehicle and then crashed into an American Medica Response (AMR) ambulance.

Authorities arrived on the scene and used less-lethal means to apprehend the suspect as he tried to drive away from the scene. 

The two AMR paramedics were transported to a hospital, treated and released.

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