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Top 5 strangest EMS stories

Here is some of the weirdest news of 2014

From a woman in Florida who survived 45 mintues without a pulse, to a national apology from Spain for a CPR video that used sex to sell the skill, to pet owners that called 911 after their ‘vicious’ house cat forced them to barricade themselves in a bedroom, 2014 brought us no lack of news that made us say, well, ‘wow.’

We rounded up some of the most popular posts throughout the year. Check out our top picks of 2014 below, and if you think we missed one let us know in the comments!

Fla. woman survives 45 minutes with no pulse

Doctors were preparing to call time of death after her heart stopped during a cesarean section.

Widow: Airline didn’t use AED because of husband’s hairy chest

A man died of a heart attack on a Southwest flight; his wife said there was a defibrillator on board but it wasn’t used because her husband’s chest was too hairy.

Teen survives flight to Hawaii in jet wheel well

He somehow skirted security; officials say he is unharmed and “lucky to be alive” after facing cold temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen.

Sexy CPR training video forces apology from Spain

The “highly erotic” video uses models in lacy lingerie to demonstrate first-aid techniques during a public training course.

Vicious housecat traps Ore. couple who call 911

They barricaded themselves in their bedroom after it attacked their baby; 22-pound Lux has a history of violence and will get medical attention and therapy.