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Laurie Thiel, the CEO of Mobile Medical Response in Michigan, has led various healthcare organizations for 30-plus years while moonlighting as an adjunct college professor in a healthcare management program (since retired). Laurie is self-published and is passionate about helping other females supercharge their EMS careers. The Women in Emergency Services (WiES) “Ask Laurie” column provides tidbits of advice for those sticky challenges that leave us stressed and overthinking our behaviors in the workplace. Laurie hopes to encourage and coach all professional ladies proudly serving in EMS!

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About Women in Emergency Services

Women in Emergency Services (WiES) is an energetic community committed to promoting the advancement of women in the emergency medical services industry. Our mission is straightforward: to empower, connect, mentor and educate women at every level, from frontline providers to national leadership, fostering an environment where their contributions are not only recognized but also celebrated and esteemed. At WiES, we strive to ensure that women in emergency medical services have access to the resources and support necessary to realize their full potential.

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