6 ideal gift ideas for an EMT this Father’s Day

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Looking for gift ideas?

Having a hard time thinking of a gift for Dad this year? Don’t fret — EMS1 has compiled six ideas for your paramedic Pop this Father’s Day. Check out these perfect gifts to wow him this year: 


1. Mr. Wilson Makes it Home

Price: $18.18
This book was written by EMT (and dad, grandfather and foster dog dad) Michael Morse. “Mr. Wilson Makes it Home” is a deeply emotional book about the hardships Morse’s family has endured professionally and personally and how he and his family found solace in a little dog. The touching message reminds the reader how important  family is — a beautiful reminder on Father’s Day. 
Link to purchase



2. Activity tracker

Price: about $150 (mid-range)
Activity bands are fun, personal technology gadgets that also keep us on track with our health. Experts recommend getting 10,000 steps or more a day. Get your dad an activity tracker so he can start monitoring his day-to-day movements while at work and at home. Garmin devices are a nice, sleek and trusted brand. 
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3. YETI or Hydro Flask water bottles

Price: $21- $89
A nice water bottle is more than just a perfect way to keep beverages hot or cold all day — it’s also a smart way to ensure that your dad is staying hydrated at work. YETI and Hydro Flask are known for being two of the top water bottle products on the market. 
Links to purchase YETI & Hydro Flask 

4. External battery for cell phone

Price: around $30
Your EMS dad likely gets pulled away on 24, 36 or 48-hour shifts. Having a place to charge his phone may not always be an easy or accessible option. An external battery pack for his phone is a thoughtful gift to keep him on the grid (and you in touch with him) while he’s away from home. 
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5. LED headlamp 

Price: varies, $20-$300+
A headlamp can come in handy for your EMS dad both on duty and off. One of our favorite mid-price range headlamps is the Black Diamond Storm headlamp. It’s reasonably priced at $50.20 and has a nice sleek design. 
Link to purchase

6. Charitable donation 

Price: varies according to your price range
If material gifts aren’t on your radar, consider a donation. Both The Code Green Campaign and the National EMS Memorial are fantastic organizations to consider — and both specific to the EMS community. 
Links to give a gift in your dad's honor: Code Green Campaign & National EMS Memorial


Coming up with thoughtful gifts can be a challenging process. Have you received or given a gift that Dad can’t get enough of? Let us (and our readers) hear about it. 

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