Webinar: REMSA’s blueprint for MIH success in achieving the triple aim

How REMSA's community health program created a path to success and sustainability

Sponsored by REMSA 

It was a remarkable experiment:  The Regional EMS Authority in Reno, Nevada won a national grant to demonstrate how a new approach to MIH/CP could improve patient care and satisfaction—and save healthcare dollars. Now the results are in and project leader Brenda Staffan will guide you through the data and lessons learned.

Initially funded with a healthcare innovation grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, REMSA developed a three-pronged program that used alternative destination protocols, community paramedics, and a nurse health line to provide better service to the community—at a lower cost. After achieving an 84% return on investment—avoiding $1.84 in payments for every $1 in expenditures—in the fourth year of the programs, REMSA has now reached agreements with payors to make them sustainable.

In this webinar, Brenda Staffan, Chief Operating Officer of Integrated Health at REMSA, will share the results of REMSA’s innovative programs.

Participants will learn:

  • The essential components of REMSA's  successful community health programs
  • How REMSA measured and evaluated program effectiveness & lessons learned
  • Keys to achieving a positive return on investment & sustaining system-wide change


Brenda Staffan - Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Services - Regional EMS Authority - Reno, NV

Brenda Staffan has been recognized nationally for her leadership, expertise and accomplishments in EMS. She is currently the chief operating officer of integrated health and previously served as director for REMSA’s Community Health Programs and Health Care Innovation Award grant. She has worked in EMS for more than three decades, serving the American Ambulance Association, the California Ambulance Association, and as a corporate director with the Rural/Metro Corporation. 

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