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‘We have a duty to show up for them': President Biden issues proclamation on EMS Week

EMS providers “embody the best of our Nation — bravery, honor and respect, never failing to answer the call to help others,” President Joe Biden said

By Sarah Roebuck

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has issued a proclamation to recognize EMS providers during EMS Week 2024.

In his proclamation, Biden called upon the nation to honor “EMS providers, who put it all on the line to deliver urgent, lifesaving care to people across our country in times of great need.”

“Whether paramedics, emergency medical technicians, 911 and 988 dispatchers, or other first responders, EMS providers routinely work long hours away from loved ones to keep other families whole. They risk their own lives and health, staring down storms, floods or fires and rushing to rescue people in need. For many Americans, they are a beacon of hope in some of life’s toughest moments and let us know we are going to be OK. We have a duty to show up for them the way they show up for us,” Biden said.

Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation

The annual observance of EMS Week, which falls from May 19 through May 25, 2024, aims to recognize the invaluable contributions of paramedics, EMTs, 911 dispatchers and other first responders who demonstrate unwavering courage and compassion in the face of adversity.

“I have often said that courage lies in every heart and the expectation is that it will one day be summoned. It is summoned every day for America’s EMS providers. They embody the best of our Nation — bravery, honor and respect, never failing to answer the call to help others. This week, we thank them and the unions that protect so many of our EMS providers and promise to always have their backs,” Biden said.