Top 5 EMS videos of January 2016

Among this month's best clips were tips on nasopharyngeal airway use and ECG interpretation

A video showing how to cannulate the external jugular vein and a training video about chemical suicide response were among this month's top videos.

Remember 2 Things: When to use a nasopharyngeal airway

Steve Whitehead reminds us to always attempt to insert a nasopharyngeal airway when using a bag valve mask, and that it should be used in combination with other airway adjuncts.


12-lead ECG interpretation tips

This four-step technique will help you interpret your 12-lead ECGs.


How to cannulate the external jugular vein

Demonstration and discussion of techniques to gain intravenous access through the external jugular vein.


IV placement tips for the external jugular vein

Here are some tricks for placing peripheral IVs in the external jugular vein, and improving patient comfort for a greater chance of success.


Chemical suicide response considerations

A training video produced by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health conducted a chemical suicide study to explore the risk to first responders and the public.

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