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Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. launches new LifeDefender Automatic Oxygen Bottle Lift for ambulances


Austin’s LifeDefender™ Lift N’ Stow™ Oxygen Bottle Lift.

Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc./Facebook


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — The engineers at Austin Hardware and Supply, Inc. have augmented the LifeDefender brand by developing a new automatic oxygen bottle lift-and-stow counterbalance system for lifting O2 bottles into ambulances.

The system relieves EMTs and other emergency personnel from the difficult physical task of manually lifting heavy O2 bottles into an ambulance. Requiring no electricity, the system delivers up to 27 inches of vertical travel, works on righthand and lefthand doors, and meets all industry crash test requirements. The automatic locking system is integrated into the lifting handles, making the unit simple to raise and lower. Rollers and tracks guide the cradle up and down, guaranteeing smooth operation.

The system works on H-steel, M-steel, and M-aluminum bottles. Changing the system for different sizes and weights of bottles takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Three gas springs allow the counterbalance force to be adjusted for each oxygen bottle’s weight.

The new LifeDefender oxygen bottle lift and other Austin Guaranteed Engineered Solutions™ will be exhibited at the 2024 FDIC show in Indianapolis from April 18-20. For more information, please visit or contact your nearest Austin Hardware location.


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