ePro Scheduling Software Dashboards: Important Stuff or Fluff?

With the advent of dashboards on web-based software applications, there has been a huge proliferation of many different implementations and ideas.  There are many scheduling software dashboards with so much flash they knock your socks off at first glance.  After logging in as a user, it is possible to quickly become annoyed by the fancy, useless gadgets that they present and long for the pertinent business information that you were originally looking for.

Dashboards on Scheduling Software: What can Go Wrong

The popularity of dashboards being used on web-based software is well merited. As a general overview of a system at-a-glance, dashboards offer advantages to users by being customizable, extremely detail-oriented, mobile accessible, and more.

However, beauty is only skin-deep and the success of working with dashboards really lies in the user-friendliness of the application.

For example, there are great graphics on this one, but it sure obscures relevant data that most users will want up front. In the development stage of this system, the question of what is important to a user should have been addressed, especially when dealing with employee scheduling.

Another mistake that dashboards make is too much imagery and not enough information on the business. In this example, it is difficult to determine what this dashboard is about and what exactly it measures. Is this for a commercial business or measuring key equipment readings in a nuclear power plant? Without the inclusion of clear, relevant content, this dashboard seems like flashy imagery with a lot of irrelevant numbers.

Knowing the Ins and Outs of Dashboards is Paramount

There are some key principles that are neglected that make most EMS scheduling dashboards ineffective and annoying.  As shown in former examples, some don’t provide key information to the person that is logging in.  What a self-service user needs to see is far different than what the personnel manager needs to see.

It is essential that every single user see data that is most relevant to them. Anything else that takes away from that, like fancy dials, graphs, etc. need to be eliminated. Based on that base of knowledge and the feedback from our customers, we’ve implemented a solution that is second to none for employers looking to properly utilize scheduling software.

At eCore, we’ve taken the time to learn the principles that have allowed us to build dynamic scheduling software for every user and management level in an organization.

Smarter Dashboards with the ePro Scheduler Plus

The ePro Scheduler Plus dashboard is easily configurable to every single user type in an organization. Data drives what is presented to each user type and is relevant to their defined job responsibilities. It provides easy navigation to everything that allows each employee to communicate and to do their job. The dashboard is built with technology that runs great on a phone, tablet and desktop web browser.

When using our application, the first thing you see is a dashboard configured for self-service and the scheduling department. The superiority of ePro Scheduler Plus is readily apparent in 5 to 10 minutes. It really is no wonder that the ePro Scheduler Plus has proven to be intuitive and elegant by satisfied customers across the board.

Let eCore Software Take Your Dashboard Experience to the Next Level

If the ePro Scheduler Plus seems like the right fit for your business, you can take it for a free test drive. Our sales and training department is ready to show you all of the features of our product in order to get your company going.  From scheduling rotations, to importing your employee’s certifications, it can easily be done with ePro Scheduler Plus.

Contact us and take your test drive with a free ePro Scheduler Plus demo today.  Whether you are using one of our competitor’s products or are starting from scratch, get on board today so you can start saving money and run your workforce with the workflow that works for you.

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eCore Software Inc. is a leading provider of web-based software applications. ePro Scheduler Plus has been providing value to public service organizations like EMS operations, fire and police departments, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals since 1998. Our flagship product ePro Scheduler is an industry leader in integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll and continues to be the workflow solution selected by the leading high performance EMS operations across the US.

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