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The Top 3 reasons why EMS eSchedule’s New Auto Scheduler Feature is Awesome

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EMS eSchedule’s new “auto scheduler” feature is super cool. Here’s why:

1. It takes your employees’ availability and “automatically” schedules them for shifts based on:

A: Your schedule template

B: The number of scheduled hours a given employee has in the pay week (lower hours get priority)

C: Seniority

2. It will save you tons of time.

3. It gives you complete control over who works when!

Click here for a free demo on how EMS eSchedule’s Auto Scheduler can make your life easier:

About EMS eSchedule:
EMS eSchedule is a customizable web-based scheduling application that can help with scheduling as well as many other tasks that EMS administrators are faced with. Our custom approach to configuration eliminates the need to change effective practices that already work within your organization. We spend time listening to our customers and design solutions that makes agencies more efficient in scheduling, time and labor management, training and personnel inventory.