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On-Demand Webinar: The state of the workforce in EMS and strategies for retaining and recruiting top talent

Understand trends, learn ways to keep the EMS workforce engaged and streamline the recruiting process


Webinar sponsored by Medline

Even before COVID-19, recruiting and retention were concerns for EMS agencies. Changing reimbursement models and shrinking budgets, coupled with staffing shortages and a rise in violence against EMS workers were already taking a toll on the workforce. The pandemic and civil unrest have added new layers of stress, fatigue and worry.

According to the 2020 EMS Trend Report conducted by EMS1 and Fitch & Associates, the EMS industry is at a crossroads – will the PPE shortages, fear of infection and financial concerns drive providers from the profession, or will the heroic actions of caregivers during the pandemic inspire a new generatison to join the ranks?

Recruiting and retaining passionate workers to the industry are arguably more important than ever and the competition for quality talent is fierce. Fortunately, there are tools that can help agencies source, recruit, hire, onboard and retain qualified candidates in a timely manner that helps ensure agencies can find the right fit.

Register below to watch the webinar on demand for a discussion about:

  • Results from the 2020 EMS1 Trend Report.
  • Current challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified talent.
  • Ways to help keep EMS workforce engaged and thriving.
  • How technology can help streamline the recruiting process.


Kerri Hatt, Editor-in-Chief, EMS1


Kerri Hatt

Kerri Hatt is editor-in-chief, EMS1, responsible for defining original editorial content, tracking industry trends, managing expert contributors and leading execution of special coverage efforts. Prior to joining Lexipol, she served as an editor for medical allied health B2B publications and communities. Kerri has a bachelor’s degree in English from Saint Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia. She is based out of Charleston, SC.

Greg Lawton, Executive Vice President, OnShift


Greg Lawton

Prior to joining OnShift, Greg Lawton brought thirty years of EMS and medical transportation management experience to Avesta. He founded Avesta in 2007 to deliver human resources solutions across the entire EMS employee lifecycle. These solutions are backed by behavioral science insight, technology and a thorough understanding of needs of the ambulance industry. Prior to founding Avesta, Greg served on leadership teams for American Medical Response, Mercy Medical Services, MedTrans of San Diego, Physicians & Surgeons Ambulance and other EMS organizations. At American Medical Response, he led a multi-state EMS business development team that achieved $19.3 million in new opportunity growth in 2005. Three decades of ambulance industry experience shaped the simple notion that the best EMS organizations are led and staffed by the best people. Avesta was founded to initiate new thinking regarding recruitment, vetting and hiring talent for the EMS Industry. As well, offer new strategies and innovative ideas that are supported by valid research, knowledge and the understanding that each client is unique.