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Veoci announces release of Vitals EM, a holistic healthcare emergency management solution

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Today, Veoci is announcing the debut and availability of a new product: Veoci Vitals EM, a holistic healthcare emergency management software solution built directly for the needs of healthcare emergency managers to successfully handle incidents, HVAs, AARs, accreditation, and the gauntlet of governance, risk, and compliance.

Veoci currently provides emergency management, incident management, business continuity, and daily operations solutions for over 40 healthcare clients, a range that spans rural hospitals to large healthcare systems in the country’s largest metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles.

Veoci Vitals EM is built on five different lifelines and supported by the technology’s core capabilities in automation, communication, collaboration, data gathering, and data reporting:

  • Incident and Emergency Management
  • HVAs
  • AARs
  • 96 Hour Sustainability
  • EM Meeting Toolkit

Veoci Vitals EM is a product built by practitioners for practitioners. Lance Lynch, MBA, CBCP, CHEP, Healthcare Sales Lead, and Anthony DeGeorge, Senior Solutions Engineer, have close to forty years of total experience in the healthcare industry as first responders, emergency managers, incident commanders, and continuity planners. The two built this platform to solve the unique problems that they and other Veoci clients have faced over the years.

Both Lynch and DeGeorge drew on their time in the field, hands-on work with customers, and conversations with other practitioners to create Veoci Vitals EM, crafting the product to not only cover each every corner and necessity, but create something approachable and easy to use.

“When we started developing Veoci Vitals EM, we worked backwards from one goal: returning time to practitioners before, during, and after incidents,” Lynch said. “So much time is lost when chasing down information from staff members or sharing info with local partners and leadership, across half a dozen channels.”

“We flipped that dynamic with Veoci Vitals EM. Instead of sending texts and emails across those channels, we use the platform to gather and present all of the information through one platform to quickly create a common operating picture. Nurses and other staff members can quickly give you a lens into their departments through a simple Form. HVAs and AARs are populated with data captured during incident documentation. Items identified for opportunities for improvement are tracked and driven to completion. Veoci Vitals EM lets healthcare emergency managers call the play and watch the results rather than filling in at every position.”

About Veoci

Veoci is a no-code, cloud platform for Crisis, Incident, and Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Resilience, Continuity of Operations Planning, Team Collaboration, and Daily Operations, designed to meet the decision-making and communication requirements of multiple teams at many locations. With stringent security, highest availability, and quickly scalable performance, Veoci is designed for institutions and organizations of every size and complexity.