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5 benefits that an all-in-one software can bring to your agency

Learn how to streamline your operations to gain greater flexibility and transparency


Despite the array of programs to choose from, some first responders find themselves wishing there was a more straightforward option to help them complete daily responsibilities.


Most first responders would agree that the level of care they provide is enhanced by the quality of their tools, while the efficiency of an EMS agency also relies on a specific set of tools – its software.

Whether it’s submitting a time off request, logging a fuel purchase, or filling out an ePCR, various types of software are essential in helping agencies thrive. Despite the array of programs to choose from, some first responders find themselves wishing there was a more straightforward option to help them complete daily responsibilities.

Combining a variety of functions into one software system, AngelTrack aims to help EMS agencies save time while gaining transparency and increased flexibility. This all-in-one solution brings multiple benefits to agencies of all sizes through an operations suite that is fully in the cloud.


When you consider all the tasks that an EMS agency must complete, it’s not surprising that many different software programs are used. With the idea of streamlining an agency’s operations in mind, the team at AngelTrack developed software to encompass a range of capabilities.

Tasks related to fleet maintenance and scheduling can be easily accessed with intuitive checklists that aid in organization. Dispatch, billing and ePCR functions are designed to work together to ensure that record-keeping is accurate and efficient as AngelTrack guides users through each step of every trip.

“AngelTrack’s ePCR was designed for the modern EMS responder. The simplicity of its design may appear to be misleading. Made to be used on any device – your phone or tablet for example – it is quite robust in its ability to help you complete your reports whether in the office or in the field,” says AngelTrack CEO Christopher Hanka.


Time is valuable for first responders, as each minute they save eliminating repetitive efforts can be maximized elsewhere.

“Once patient information has been entered, AngelTrack’s systems share information making it available to supervisors and billers,” said AngelTrack CMO Karen Couvillion. “This integrated feature allows agencies to reduce time spent on data entry and minimizes the human error factor.”

Accounts receivable departments can also benefit from the increased efficiency AngelTrack offers, as billing can be tracked at any point in the process.

However, patient data and billing are only part of the equation when it comes to EMS operations. Agencies can use AngelTrack’s map to show exactly where crews are at any given time, detailing specifics like how long they’ve been on duty and how much gasoline is in their fuel tank. These features help to automate an agency’s daily operations while freeing time for other tasks.


Even the most experienced medic has the potential to make a reporting error. Using powerful validation tools, AngelTrack monitors each first responder’s activity within the software and monitors for potential errors.

“Each time personnel sign into the system, a virtual fingerprint is created which provides an informed standpoint from which agencies can address questions and concerns because the system offers enhanced clarity for employers and employees,” said Couvillion.

The software alerts users to possible mistakes, whether it’s patient data entered incorrectly or a first responder who forgot to clock out after a long shift. If the alerts go unanswered, AngelTrack continues to send alerts until the discrepancy is resolved.


AngelTrack is entirely in the cloud, allowing access to the system from anywhere at any time and eliminating any time spent installing updates or restarting.

Users can access the software on any device that connects to the internet and has a web browser, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Just like the medics that use it, AngelTrack is always ready.

AngelTrack doesn’t only allow medics to use it at any time; billing, human resource, and dispatch functions and other administrative tasks can also be completed from any location thanks to AngelTrack’s mobility.


EMS agencies needing additional support can receive help with ease, anytime.

“We have 24/7 support,” said Couvillion. “When you pick up the phone to call our Support line, you’re connected with our staff personnel who will walk you through step-by-step troubleshooting.”

First responders can also access AngelTrack’s library of training videos, most of which are less than ten minutes – short enough to watch between calls. Basic and advanced training is available.

The team at AngelTrack prides itself on continuous improvement and regularly makes software additions and changes based on customer feedback. Along with a new, easier-to-navigate website, they will be launching software solutions for fire professionals in 2022.

Visit AngelTrack for more information.

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