How to use Slideshare for EMS education and training

Updated March 2, 2015

Use Slideshare to distribute PowerPoint slides and documents to students and trainees

Slideshare is an online community and tool for sharing presentations.

After creating a free account, users can quickly upload PowerPoint presentation slides. Once uploaded to Slideshare, slides can be embedded in a blog post, linked to through Facebook or Twitter, or even presented from Slideshare in full-screen mode.

As a conference presenter, one of the most frequent requests I receive is "can I have a copy of your slides." Instead of having to copy slides to a USB flash drive or email them as a large attachment, I simply email the Slideshare link or hyperlink the text in an article.

I also use Slideshare to:

1) Promote the topics I present at conferences
2) Provide a visual aid to participants in an audio conference call
3) Receive comments and questions from workshop participants long after the event was over

Paramedic students can use Slideshare to learn more about course topics. On, Search CPAP, Capnography, or 12-Lead ECG to find presentations that might help you better understand a topic that was taught in class or find visuals to compliment your textbook reading.

You can also use Slideshare to land your first EMT or Paramedic job. EMS educator Rommie Duckworth recently posted: Mastering the Interview Process.

Are you using Slideshare? Have you found a particularly good Slideshare that has helped you better understand a topic?


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